Optimizing Cap-ex & Op-ex in cyber security

For a CISO/CIO or any other member in the security steering committee, predicting Capex & Opex is of utmost importance specially when a vast team is required to do repetitive tasks 24×7 with high risk of human errors & complications.  

Vulnerabilities and Data Loss are amongst the top concerns for every IT professional, and when it comes to managing operations there is always a skill shortage.  

Start  your  infra visibility by detecting & prioritizing weakness of the deployed stack in the organization. This is all you require as a CISO.

 ”Brand is all what matters for a CEO” Do we have the control in defamation, passwords floating in open and deep/dark web, domain spoofing and many more factors which  can lead to a huge loss and bad name in market?

 Through this event we will be discussing and projecting ways to eliminate and resolve all the above issues with visionary tools and listen to industry experts sharing knowledge through a prestigious panel.

Benefits of Attending

Knowledge Sharing

Find direct ways to optimize your capital and operational expenses in Cyber Security

Overcome skills shortages and reduce silos by enabling domain experts to become automation builders

Gain Insights

Discover how to detect known and unknown threats by having an enterprise-wide visibility and powerful real-time correlation

Learn about a single solution that covers threat intelligence to brand and domain protection to rapid response

Network with Global Peers

Leverage the platform to interact with peers, network and share experiences, and discuss what’s working, mistakes made, and lessons learned

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7st March 2023

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Keynote Presentations

Interactive Panel Discussion  

Interactive Q&A  

Closing Remarks

Executive Networking Lunch  

Our Speakers

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Who will Attend?

about AmiViz

AmiViz is the first B2B enterprise marketplace focused on Cybersecurity business in the Middle East and Africa, designed specially to serve the interests of enterprise resellers and vendors.

Driven by innovation and AI powered technology, AmiViz provides a unique collaborative self-service tool – in the form of a mobile app on iOS and Android, as well as a web-based Portal – to enterprise resellers, consultants, system integrators, channel partners and vendors.

AmiViz has a rich experience in evangelizing leading cybersecurity technologies and offers one of its kind consumer style e-commerce platform with a fusion of human touch, offering products and services catering to localized market conditions and regulations across the MEA region.

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